Guy still texts all the time but doesn't seem too bothered to meet up? what's going on.

Met a guy, intense for about a month or so when we decided to cool it off a bit (both had other things going on), we still talk every day though (90% of this is initiated by him) but have met up only once or twice in the past month. He's still affectionate and sweet in his texts, we have talked a couple of times on the phone but not for long as neither of us are into calls really, we prefer to text and email (even at work). So my question for guys is this, it appears if a guy contacts you all the time he would be interested/like you? He says he finds me attractive as more than friends and we have been intimate so its not the "friendszoned" thing, I don't think. So can a guy like you but have genuine reasons to not see you as much? It seems I mention/hint at meeting up in person more than him. He has a lot of other serious things that need attention in his life (like his kid) so is he keeping me at a distance until this is sorted out or what? Worried I'm wasting my time and he's either stringing me along cos he's bored or just thinks of me as a friend, even though I know he's not dating anyone else. Confused!


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  • There are no indicators that suggest he is romantically / sexually capable of making an investment at this moment in time. You have the will and the time and the capability to invest more than he does so while it isn't a no-go it definitely is not equivalent. Depends on how long you can endure that. It is unlikely he thinks of you any lesser per se but instead has relationships a bit lower on the pole of importance and furthermore may have issue with reconnecting and fixing that portion of his life to begin with.

  • You're wasting time on him.


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