Can having a f*** buddy get out of control?

My friend and I (both girls) my this guy and we messed around with him and stuff. She didn't do much with him but I did. Well we texts her all the time and not me and I'm a little jealous and confused. Can anyone give me some answers as to why he texts her and not me?


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  • You (both) are still too young to decide anything serious. If you have not enjoyed s*x, (if played with each other`s P or BJ -but not penetrative S*x, everything is allowed in friendship now) better do not jump in it. He might be not interested in you or he might be looking her only for s*x. Pay attention to your study and carrier paths for at least three or four year. Taxing hot messages frequently is not indication of close relationship. Good friends or close relation is always managed by respecting each other. Sleeping with somebody is not just like eating out for a new dish.


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  • coz he already did everything with you, he lost the interest towards you, he wants to explore her now? ^_^

  • It seems that he just doesn't want to get emotionally attached to you.


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  • yeah sorry to tell you this but he's done you so now he's trying her . he's a young guy its what they do - and if you're bothered then you shouldn't have been his f*** buddy , that's for people who don't want the emotional attachment or to pursue a relationship . you've literally agreed to him that you will have sex and then be casual mates . she probs hasn't agreed to this and maybe they're pursuing a relationship maybe not , but you're out of the equation.