Sign of interest or just being a good friend?

SThree weeks ago, I was in the hospital for a major operation. A couple days after that (when I finally woke up), I saw a text from a female friend of mine saying 'Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you! You are a true fighter'. The true fighter part I believe refers to me surviving when I was dead for 6 minutes.

I wasn't able to text her until the next day because I was heavily medicated and didn't want to send some mumbo-jumbo by accident. When I replied to her the next day, I got a response right away.

Does this text message mean that she is interested in me or just being a friend? Previous stuff have indicated that she is (a cheek kiss, just the two of us hanging out at a baseball game, her bringing me movies when I was in the hospital (different time), her giving me a gift when she didn't give anyone else one, etc.

I would like to know if I should take a chance before I make a fool out of myself.


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  • Go slowly, gather more evidence :) She obviously cares about you, but it could be totally friendly, I think.

    It seems to me like you have a nice start there, though! ;)


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  • thats sort of hard to pinpoint without a lot of other indicators. I mean, kiss on the cheek and going to a baseball game are things that friends might actually do.

    For sure, she CARES about you. That is very evident. Now you just have to figure out to what extent. Have you flirted with her at all?


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  • She certainly cares about you. No one can say for certain if she is also interested in that way. Is she in a relationship?

    About "taking a chance": If you are a gentleman about it you won't make a fool out of yourself.

    • She is not in a relationship.

      And thanks.

  • we can say she cares about you but nothing more with the current data