I received a random message a year later?

A guy I dated a year ago text me last night while I was sleeping that he was thinking of me. I asked who he was since I got a new phone since and never received a reply. I now know who he is sshould I text again or wait? Why would he message after all this time? We started talking about this time last year but he didn't want to date since he was moving.

He finally responded at 2am last night. All he said was that he didn't know I lost his number. I'm not really sure how to respond to this? Perhaps I'll just leave it at that


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  • People often become embarassed when they get the "who is this?" text.

    since texts do not convey tone they can sound angry even though they are being straight forward.

    It takes guts to answer who you are, because that person obvious deleted your number or possibly has change their number and a new person has the number now.

    If you know who he is and want to talk to him, go ahead and text him back that you figured out who he is and say something that you want to say.

    Guys text like that because they want to make contact, a hang out, or date or hook up. If you had a boyfriend previously when talking to them, they are probably checking to see if you are available to date.

    • The problem is that I have no idea what to say :/ how do I even go about answering him? He hasn't replied since and I guess I don't blame him. He has messaged before almost a year ago saying hi but again, nothing after that. I'm not even sure why he would come back after he was the one who left and it was a year ago.


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  • He wants to you back. But you should consider all aspects. Why did you stop seeing each other? How did he spend last year when you were not seeing each other? Those are important questions you should think about.

  • Well, if it were me I would only be thinking about a booty call

  • Delete it and move on with your life.

    Responding accomplishes nothing.


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  • Probably he was drunk and was thinking of you, or sober, who knows. I'd say call him and figure it out, cause non of us could get in his head and tell you for sure ;)