How to have your first kiss ?

ook so lets say you gna have your 1st kiss...most of us have...but what should you do to make sure it goes smoothly ? and can a 1st kiss say a lot about how that person feels about you ?


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  • My first kiss didn't go very smoothly hahaha. My boyfriend and I were just too nervous. I think the only way a first kiss can go smoothly is if at least one of you is confident and takes charge.

    • Cosigned. Tough that your first didn't go so well. Care to share what was so off about it?

    • Haha it's no big deal :) It wasn't a train wreck or anything, but I had built it up so much in my head that I ended up being disappointed. We were in a movie theater and we had talked about kissing before, so he whispered during the movie "so you want to do, er, that thing we talked about?" So then I closed my eyes and waited for him to come at me, but he didn't at first so I opened my eyes to see what he was doing. And after some awkwardness, our lips finally found each other.

    • Y'kno I actually went out of my way to find this answer, I forgot to save the question to my notebook. Anyways, jeez now that is a total mess of a first kiss. Well that's nervousness for you.


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  • First kiss can be awkward for the first time, but it's pleasurable.

    Just let the kiss happen.


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  • I always get nervous when its a 1st kiss with someone! but once you actually in the kiss you get the butterfly's and your heart beats faster! but to make it go smoothly I think you both have to want it and go for it and personally I think kissing someone can say a lot about they feel about you! like sometimes a deep hard kiss can be a sign of passion.