Fake looking hot girl vs. natural looking ugly girl

would guys rather have a fake looking hot girl than a natural looking ugly girl?

by fake, I mean; link


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  • alot of people seem to think I'm fake..people say I come off as a bitch..but that's bcuz I'm shy at first...im not fake just because I like to wear nice clothes and wear tiffany jewelry and drive a nice car doesn't mean I'm fake..i work hard to do those things and those are things I like...i don't buy things bcuz other people like them. but I think guys like girls like me...but I'm not fake..im a natural beauty I don't die my hair or go tanning or have plastic surgery or act nice in ur face and talk about you behind your back...so I think you should be a little more descriptive of what you mean. being natural and ugly aren't the same things either...

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  • Being that ugly (as beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, I can only say it would depend on what the rest of the woman was like, and for what reason I wanted to "have" her, as you say. If I were to find one woman "hot" and the other "ugly", I suppose I would want to have the "hot" one, if we're judging on perceived appearance alone. But then yet, maybe I'd prefer to be alone, or have someone in between..

  • Haha a question hard to answer. I don't think I'd take either, but if I HAD to I'd probably take the fake looking hot girl because if you removed her fakeness she'd probably still look better than the natural ugly girl. But a lot depends on what you call ugly because maybe her ugliness can be fixed up so that now we'd be talking about choosing between two fake hot girls. lol!

  • Well, I've always had a preference for very chubby women . . . . "cuddle-sized"! ;-)

    So some people say I like ugly women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so

    I guess many would say I'd choose the natural looking ugly girl, since none of the women I've ever dated could be classified as "fake looking" or "hot looking" . Even if I think they look hot. ;-)

    Hey, to me, a big girl can be really sexy. What can I say?


  • because hot girls makes more fun and enjoy more hten ugly girls.


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  • I checked out that link. Those girls are attractive in a overdone way. I am sure though if you took away the cloths and the makeup they still would be pretty girls. I think guys prefer natural beauties girls who don't look like they are trying too hard. If they had to pick though I am sure they would take fake hot to natural ugly!

  • I think guys go for the fake looking hot girl... but that depends how you define "fake." If you think girls who wear pretty clothes, make up, and act charming, and sweet all the time to make people like them are "fake" then yeah... those girls are generally more attractive than naturaly "ugly" girls. If you fake as in slutty... then no.

  • Fake looking hot girl, no guy would choose to date someone ugly even though they were natural.

  • theyd want to screw the pretty girl, but in the end, the girl who has a future is what they want. ( this applys to good guys only.)

  • Fake girls as men like to show there mates they stil got it but then she speaks she is really a dittzy cow. Blank page you know what I mean.

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