Fake looking hot girl vs. natural looking ugly girl

would guys rather have a fake looking hot girl than a natural looking ugly girl?

by fake, I mean; link


Most Helpful Girl

  • alot of people seem to think I'm fake..people say I come off as a bitch..but that's bcuz I'm shy at first...im not fake just because I like to wear nice clothes and wear tiffany jewelry and drive a nice car doesn't mean I'm fake..i work hard to do those things and those are things I like...i don't buy things bcuz other people like them. but I think guys like girls like me...but I'm not fake..im a natural beauty I don't die my hair or go tanning or have plastic surgery or act nice in ur face and talk about you behind your back...so I think you should be a little more descriptive of what you mean. being natural and ugly aren't the same things either...