Online dating, which messages do you respond to?

This question is particularly aimed for the ladies.

I am trying to get back into the dating scene using a bit of online dating

I understand woman get tons of messages from guys ranging from creepy to sleazy.

What's the best message a guy can send you for you to have interest and respond?

Would appreciate if you provide examples or tell us about your experiences too.


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  • I did online when I was bored/looking for casual dates and I responded to ones that did not sounds like a copy and paste. My profile showed my sense of humor, it didn't just say "I am funny," so a guy who matched my sense of humor would know the right thing to say. Honestly, as a female, I didn't get as many messages as you think, and I'm okay with that because most probably decided not to waste their time with someone who was not serious. The irony is I ended up forming a serious relationship with a guy who was/still is a little bit of a smart-alec. Been a year and 1/2 and pretty much solid.


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