Need advice. She ignores me on Facebook/texts but is different in real life?

This girl I like is acting weird lol. we go to different colleges, so our method of communication is through fb/text. we hungout once and she knows I like her Because I once came on a little strong. we aren't dating but getting to know each other. Its been a month that she's been completely ignoring me. So one day I called her from my new phone which had a new # and she picked up not knowing who it is and sounded happy but really shy when she found out it was me. That was my 1st time calling her

I saw her at a school gathering a few days ago and she seemed happy to talk to me. But she avoids me on fb/txt. She semed like she wanted to keep seeing me in person. I recently posted on Facebook a before/after progress pic of my 2 years of working out (im really into bodybuilding) because I made a huge amount of progress. I got about 80 likes and she liked it and didn't message me but when I msgd her she kinda responded but still avoided a bit. she's also a really shy middle eastern girl that doesn't wear hijab (the scarf) but has strict parents. We both practice islam moderately. Why does she avoid me through text/fb but in person seem like she wants to keep seeing me?


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  • Maybe she just doesn't like having a conversation via text or FBI. I'm the same way actually. People text me, fbk me and I don't reply.. Sometimes, it's just annoying to text and message. If I do respond it's short answers. Pick up the phone and call her.