Guy replying to my text hours later?

What's the deal with this guy (I told him I liked him and he told me he liked me back, but he's in college right now in another country) replying to my texts hours later (and I mean +10 hours, even a day later)? I know what you're all going to say: he's busy, he doesn't have his phone with him. Still, I'm having a conversation that could easily last an hour and it has extended for a period of over 3 days because of his late replies. I mean, if the guy wants to talk to me, he can surely find a minute to reply right? or maybe he doesn't want to talk to me? Then if he doesn't want to, wouldn't he just stop answering to my texts? I't doesn't make any sense. I usually respond between 30 mins-2 hours. Should I just stop replying? I feel like there's not point on keep on pushing the conversation, it got boring.

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  • for me I despise have to sit at my phone typing away. I just can't deal with it. Especially for a guy in college there are probably more than a few things that we'd rather due that focus on a our phones. I'd honestly suggest trying to have phone conversations or accept that he isn't going to be a particularly diligent texter... But try to imagine this he is in a room with his buddies (maybe watching a movie, playing a drinking game or just talking) imagine how anti-social it would be to sit there texting while everyone else is engaged in other stuff

    I think it's something some people (particularly women it seems) often find annoying when their boyfriend isn't good about texting, and vice versa it is something that some people (it seems most often men) find annoying when someone expects them to be tapping away on their phone when there are other things they could be doing.

    All that said not responding for 10 hours is rather egregious. I think you should communicate with him and find out what's up and then ask him what is the best way to communicate with him. Maybe finding specific times to have convos or something

    to me texting shouldn't be conversations it should be simple back and forths. But if something requires a conversation it should be done verbally.


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  • He must be just busy.


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  • hes in another country..what do you think he is doing,just going to school? he is probably dating,if he likes you he will find time for u,stop chasing the douche bag,find someone close and someone who is into you as much as you are into them