Guys and texting... could you help me on this one?

Hi! So, there is basically this guy that I met in this party last Saturday. He is really cute, so we make out and things started to get a little hotter, but I didn't let him disrespect me anytime. I told him that I live all by myself in my apartment, and he said that he wants to meet my home implying of course that we're going to do it when that happens. Now we have been texting for a while, and today he said that stuff again, like, he was going to help me with my studies in my house lol

So, basically, that's it. I want your opinion guys: It is "normal" for guys to do that, because sex its all men think or he doesn't see me as a relationship material?

What are your thoughts about it?

Thanks! BA will be chosen :D

i'm sorry, but I wrote this in a rush. when he said that thing of studying with me, he said joking, implying that we're going to have sex
thanks for you guys that answered me! now he wants to drink wine with me, but I think that he was kidding I guess lol


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  • I think he just want sex. Why does he have to help you at your house?


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  • Usually guys can be sexfully active. As for me I take things slow when it comes to relationships because I don't like things speed up otherwise I won't be able to know her better.


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  • perhaps he wants sex with a possible relationship. Seems like he wants to get to know you more then a one night stand :)

  • He wants to know you more by doing that he wants to have sex also.