Am I turning into more than just "fun" for him?

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this guy a I hung out three times. We didn't have sex the first time but did the second and third. After that he disappeared - I will say I freaked out a bit and scared us both in different directions. Then this past January he got in touch with me saying he had fun memories. He made it clear that he just wanted to have fun and I was OK with that. The past couple times we've hung out I've realized that I have developed feelings for him. I told I liked him and he said he liked me too. This last time we hung out we actually went out for the fist time, to a movie and dinner. After I made a comment saying that it was our first real date. He told me he didn't think of it as a date because he feels so comfortable with me. We do have tentative plans to do things together in public not jut at home. But I guess I, wondering where I stand? Is there a chance this can be turning into something more? I'm close to the point where I can't keep having "fun" without getting more attached and hurt. I don't want to date or sleep with anyone else. Do I stick it out? Ask him where we stand? Or move on?

I forgot to add originally and after reading some of the answers, I thought I should mention it. We did talk about not having sex the next couple times we hang out. Because we both said that it was more than just sex. But I blew it this last time and instigated it.


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  • Stop the sex for a while and see if he still wants to go out. If he still confesses feelings. Don't even give a hand job. The most y'all should do is kiss, go out and talk. If he can enjoy your company without getting into your panties at some point, then he's probably into you. Don't ask him anything yet, just carry out these actions. Tell him you're on your period, or sore or something. lol.

    • Lol. after seeing your add-on. Yep, it's becoming more than just fun. But it shouldn't be a problem if you are both on the same page right. Just time to make sure you both have the same ideas now.


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  • He's only sticking around for sex. It's showing in his actions.


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  • If he said that this does not feel like a date with you, then I'd be worried. I don't think you should sleep with him, til you find out what he wants. And that will take some time.