Why does he text back immediately? its really weird!!

Me and my guy friend we really like each other company a whole , we are not in a friends with benefits relationship. We do everything like a COUPLE does. I have asked him several times for commitment but he doesn't want a relationship. So finally somedays when I need him for sex , if he doesn't reply me back as because he is so busy with his work at office. As soon I send him the message " I guess I got to get someone else to sleep with right now " , he immediately reverts back asking me to meet him .


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  • Gosh not sure about this one, any your isn't going to turn down free sex lol but going into a commitment is different, I can say you using sex as an weapon to manipulate him is not very healthy and as soon as he finds someone better he will blow you off.

    • how do I make him get committed to me ?

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    • once I did try to forget him ? he pleaded me to stay as a friend. And then he tells me to behave like hi girlfriend. we again started the same thing again. Just last week when he found out his business isn't going on well. we went on a long drive he was drunk ' he told me that I wish you could be a part of my life but it isn't happening" finally when he got sober he denied havig said it.. I then thrashed him saying why then did you tell me to be your girlfriend. He said to leave him alone for one month . help !

    • Gosh he sounds like a nightmare, can you imagine living for the rest of your life with a wispy washy guy like that? There are advice what people can give you without knowing all the facts, however I think deep in your heart you already know the answer, and what's best for yourself. Would you want to be with someone who's not that into you? Surely not. Get someone else who deserves you, have self dignity and respect for yourself. I promise ou it will be worth it


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  • How do you get him committed to you? Be patient and keep doing what you are doing, you might have to step it up a bit.

    A guy is not gonna commit to you if you can't agree to the fact that he is busy at work.

  • He be jelly


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  • You need to end the relationship as it currently stands. He has all the benefits of a girlfriend with doing none of the work. He wants to be your one and only when it comes to physical stuff but doesn't see himself as being your one and only. Tell him exactly what you need and expect (insist on it) and if he can't meet that, move on. A dead end relationship rarely turns around.

    Love yourself first and use your time wisely in finding the right guy. Life is too short to waste on someone who doesn't act like you are the sun and moon of his world.