How long after the first date do I have to wait for him to text me?

I went on a date last night and it went really well he even wanted to see me again today. But we made plans for next week instead. He gave me a small kiss and was super cute. I am really too old for games I feel and I think he gets that. How long will he wait to talk to me again?


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  • What's the frequency of your texting now? I am a guy in the same boat you're in right now. I just met a really nice girl and we had our first official "date" last night and it went great. We even made plans to see each other next week but I am sitting here right now wanting to text her to say hi and am kind of nervous because I don't want to scare her off. Give him a day or two. If he doesn't text you buy Tuesday, text him :)

    • We are both very busy and I love to text so its hard for me not too but I don't want to look clingy anymore because I've ruined it before by doing this. We don't text that much he does not seem like he likes it. Ide say text her cause I'm waiting for this guy to text me. I did talk to him after I got home last night to thank him and let him know I got home OK but now its his turn. The date went great but I'm also getting the player vibes from him. I say text her now :)

    • Let him text/call/email you. The ball is in his court. Guys love the after the date text especially the day after :) But if he doesn't like texting and you haven't heard from him in a few days, shoot him an email or a Facebook message and ask him about plans for the weekend.

    • Ya I think he will text me by then its just me watching my phone all day wondering if he's thinking about me. He seemed very eager to see me next weekend so hopefully that's a good thing. Ill try to stay positive in the mean time. Let me know how it goes with the girl.


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  • Perhaps a day or two will do.


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  • next day if he's really interested in you