What should our texting frequency be?

I met this girl at a party of a mutual friend last weekend. We exchanged numbers, I texted her on Wednesday, we wound up going out for a drink after work on Thursday. On Friday, we literally texted each other all day and talked on the phone for like 2 hours at night. We had our first official "date" yesterday and it went great. I found out she's dated a lot of guys who treated her like crap, had no manners, cheated, etc. I was quite a gentleman last night, opened doors for her, opened the car door, paid for everything, etc. The date ended with me walking her up to her door and we kissed goodnight and made plans to see each other next weekend...now comes the hard part...what should our texting frequency be? LIke right now I really want to text her to say good morning, I had a great time last night, etc. But the other part of me is thinking maybe I should wait and not be smothering. It's been established that we both like each other. She said her last boyfriend had control issues with her and I'm completely opposite. This guy was a loser, no job, no car, etc. I have a job, a new car, etc...I don't want to smother her or scare her off though. We get along so good and I could definitely see a Long Term Relationship out of this... advice?


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What Girls Said 1

  • everyday, a few times. nothing too overwhelming though. everything important should be said in person

    • we've been on the every day thing since Wednesday..but last night she just stopped texting me around like 3:30 am like in mid conversation..I am assuming she just fell asleep ... so should I just text her now ?

What Guys Said 1

  • Everyday, about 10-20 messages a day.