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Guys, how long does it take you to start missing a girl?

okay so you've texted her flat out for a year shes told you everything about herself she is more experienced than you are you've been there through all her breakups finally you and her are both single you don't want a relationship you met up with her once you've kissed her a good bit shes givin you the best hj and bj you have ever had you've told her she's the nicest girl you've ever met you have Skyped her loads she is funny flirty and a tease she is good looking but not as good looking as past girls you've been with you want to text other girls but still text her you have an argument with her about effort to meet up she says your just wanting her to run after you your the last one to textshe ends contact she deletes your number (but you don't know this )how long would it take you to miss her ? how long would it take you to text her ?

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  • only your guy knows when he would miss you, because guys are good on keeping them self busy and forgot everything..Give him time, maybe he would realized..

    • its been a week now though surely that's enough time :/?