Guy I've been dating, said we are official now after I made a joke

We were talking about pubes, and I said I'd prefer if he wasn't shaved, and than I'm not looking for a 12 year old boy. Then he said that's the best thing I've ever heard in life, we are official now

I asked to to explain and then he wouldn't, he just kept telling me to think about it

Do you think he was serious?


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  • He's not serious. He's just joking.

    • Ok :) I think I can see us heading that way, but maybe not just yet. It's really hard to know what shy people are thinking... He's super dry and sarcastic so I'm not used to it enough to really know when he's joking or not.


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  • Sounds like a joker to me.


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  • Play it cool. If you really like him don't fuk it up by being with other guys. Don't be clingy. do you want it to be official?

    • I think I'd like to see him officially, we are both trying to keep it cool. But his face is so hard to tell if he was serious or joking by saying we are official now, and he won't explain some times. He gets shy