Will a guy text you the next day if the date went well the night before?

I thought I went on a great date on Saturday night and we planned something for next weekend. But then I didn't hear from him on Sunday. Is this a bad sign? Could we have another date? I really like this guy?


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  • I had a girl text me right after our date. My point of saying this is, you could always text him first. He may not want to appear desperate.

    Some guys don't want to appear desperate. He may wait 3 days or he may wait a week. Although if he did have a good time and likes you enough, he'll reply sooner than later. I'd say give him a day.

    If he doesn't text you, you try. Either tell him you had a good time on the date or just say Hey. If he doesn't reply back within a few hours (I say hours because he may be busy doing something the time you text), I'd say he isn't interested.

    Good luck.

    • That night after the dateless told me to text him when I got home because I had a long drive so I did and I told him I had fun and he said the same thing. He did not text me the next day which was OK but today was his birthday so I told him happy birthday and he never answered. Guess he decided he's not into me.

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  • Chances are he's playing it cool. If you don't hear from him in the next week then it went badly and you should move on.

  • who knows. he could be waiting to text because he doesn't want to look desperate. imo, wait the next few days and see what he does.

  • Sometimes.


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