She can't have children and wants to end things because of it. help?

So the girl I am dating for 8 months saw me play with a baby. She saw how much I loved the baby and bow I played with the baby. She told me today she wants to end things cause she could never give me children cause of her condition. I knew about her condition since we first started dating and I have told her that I want to be with her no matter what her condition. But she seems to just want to end things and she says I will be happier without her. Bow can I convince her she is being stupid and that I care about her. I accept her condition and no matter what love her.


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  • Let her know how you feel

  • Tell her that without her your happiness does not exist. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to say that "there are enough children born into this world with no one to protect or love them... Honey, I think adoption is a far better choice and a greater good towards humanity"


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