I stole a guy a kiss, I don't understand the result :(

I have been going out with this guy, but after 7 dates the most he managed was to give leg touches and hugs, last ones only when I started. This has been going for a while and he always confuses the hell out of me. I know he is insecure so to make a wrap I stole him a kiss. His reaction was mixed: shock, then he asked me what was I going to tell him (this was my pretext to get near and steal the kiss) to what I told him nothing, just what I did, he answered "sigh and my name in diminutive" and nothing more. I left saying bye at a distance, and he was smileing. But, its been 3 days and he hasn't called or text. And I only can see that he added me to fb close friends because every time I post something he inmediatetly conects, stays online for one min and then disconnects.

What should I do?

Do I take IT as rejection and move on?


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  • lol he's just really insecure.. I used to be like that. Think he needs a lot of confirmation and is probably afraid to make a move, afraid of being laughed at.

    If you really like him, I guess you could try to be more dominant (taking his hand, looking fermly in his eyes, ...)

    • Its weird because he once told me he wants yo be the one who calls the shots. Yet he does nothing or does it but in a span of months. I go crazy not knowing what to do, fliping from dominant to submisive in sometimes seconds.

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  • You should take it as a rejection and move on.


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  • No. don't move on. Never accept defeat until you've been defeated. Message him and ask him. Be like, what's going on with you? Why are you acting so strange? Did I do something wrong?

    He was smiling.. he liked your kiss. He's a shy guy so he's probably scared what to do next time you guys date. he think's "oh no she kissed me, so now she expects me to make more moves.. omg how do I do this, I'm scared" Be aggressive. He wants you to be.. he's waiting for you to be...lol

    • Damn so he won't message me at all asking wtf happened? I would have to be again the one with the initiative :S

    • If you liked him enough yes

  • I would just move on.