Is he losing interest in me or just busy and still interested?


So I've been on 5 dates with this guy (1 date per week) but we see each other nearly every other day since we work together but lately we haven't been working together so seeing each other less at work. He asked me out on 4 of the dates and they were amazing! - quite a bit of texting between the dates as well (especially after the second date). He initiates half the texts and I intitiate the other half so its all good. Anyway, I decided to take initiative and ask him out on our 5th date since the rest of them have been good. We had an amazing time and spent nearly 10 hours together! He told me he had fun and I agreed...he even suggested future dates. During our dates he has been very affectionate but moving VERY slowly (we didn't kiss until the 3rd date)...but I am responsive (i.e., I initiate hand holding as well and kissing etc.). Anyway, my concern is that he did not text me after our 5th date which was on Friday...he didn't text me over the weekend and when I texted him today (Monday) asking him how his day was he said it was boring cause he was stuck inside working on a sunny day. He did not bother to ask about my day or carry on the conversation like he usually does...

Is he losing interest in me? or just preoccupied and being lazy?


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  • He was just busy, or he's just having a bad weekend.


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  • I think he might be busy. Give it some time.