Guys why do you show interest on a girl and then al of a sudden boom you didn't reply to her text!

So I met this guy at school and he seemed very interested in me since he saw me. He started a conversation and we added each other on fb but he didn't ask for my number. He then said he wanted to hang out so I gave him my number and all he messaged me was his name and so I jus replied saying I saved his # and he didn't reply and he hasn't texted me since so I decided to text him and ask how his day was and he never replied. I dn't know what to do because I'm actually interested in him. Do you think it might be because I'm a freshman in college and he is about to graduate this semester from college.?


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  • It seems that he's just busy.


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  • It might be that he's busy. Give it some time.

    • He was on Facebook though ?I'm just really confused

    • It could be the age difference or maybe he's seeing someone.