I'm dating my Mom's boyfriend's son,what's the big deal!?

I Love him, He loves me,

& I mean, it's not like were blood related or ever will be!


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  • Which parent is making a big deal of this, yours or his (or both)?

    The only reason this could become a problem is if you and he break up and your mother and his father stay together, or if they break up and you two stay together.

    But judging by your age group, you're getting ready to start your own life anyway so that problem would be short lived I guess. If they can't accept such a thing then it's their problem, they can't dictate who you can and cannot fall in love with.


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  • It's nearly like dating a stepbrother (or -sister, for guys) : not unfeasible but it may cause relational problems.


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  • it's a little odd, but there's nothing morally wrong with it, I don't think. there are no blood ties. but it could make things more complicated if ever your mom and her boyfriend were to get married...you guys would be living together and it might be a bit of a shock...unless you've already moved out or are going to college.

    • Ooh, yeah, and if you were to breakup, and your parents were together, then you guys would be forced to be around each other which can be a weird situation. I mean, it's bad enough when you breakup with a guy and then your friend dates him, and there's still awkwardness. but if you 2 were "family" it would be a whole other level of awkward.

  • my brother and step-sister fell in love when they met. my dad and step-mother supported their relationship. it was never weird and their break-up had nothing to do with the fact that their parents were married to each other (she left him at the alter--mean step-sister/fiance').

  • I don't think there is anything really wrong with that.