After a blind date, is he interested?

we were set up by friends. we went out with a group of couples to dinner and bowling. we had fun, made some small talk and flirted. we even got a cute pic together at the end of the night. he didn't ask for my number before we left. just gave me a hug and said it was nice to meet me. the next night he added me on Facebook. then the day after that he messaged me. and talked somemore like where I lived exactly and what I'm in school for and stuff. then he asked for my number before saying goodnight. the next day he texted me. its been 2 days since he got my number and we talked both days. the night after we met he went out of state to see a family member and he won't be back for a week. he'll ask me what I'm doing, and just talk about what he is doing and what he did that day and then throw in a get to know me question. I let him intiate everything until today, I texted him first and we texted back and forth for hours. so I think he is I right. I've never really dated like this so I'm kind of dumb about how it works. I've been in a serious relationship since right after college and I'm new at everything. any advice on how to keep his interest, but not come off as desperate? I'm talking to other guys but I like him more than all of them combined and we just met. do I need to play hard to get like people say? I sometimes purposely delay my responses to his texts. I want to save some convo for a date if that ever happens.

well he asked me out a few days ago. we are going to dinner!


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  • Slower is always better, and safer! Just let it be, don't pressure him about when he might 'date' you, since it sounds like he isn't into huyrrying things either.

    Yes, he's interested, so you don't need to be obsessive about contacting him every day..he'll stay in touch, believe me.


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  • It sounds like he is. Time will tell be patient.

  • He's really interested in you.


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