Is this guy avoiding me?

Hi everyone! I started texting to a boy I met through internet and he was really nice and sweet with me, so we decided to meet to see each other, it was kind of weird but we had a good time or at least I did...

He isn't texting me now, and I decided to say hi and his answer was very cold and he didn't say anything else...

I don't want to keep texting him because he is like avoiding me but I like him and I want to see him again...

What should I do?


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  • The best way to test whether he likes you or not is to not text or contact him any further and wait to see if he contacts you at all. Don't keep doing all the running around after him! You have obviously had a good date with him as far as you're concerned and have got to know him a little, but you have made all the effort over the last couple of days with seemingly very little effort from him to reply.

    I understand that you may have grown fond of him over this short period of time, but you need to find out whether he's really interested in you and the best way to do that is to make sure that the effort is equal on both sides to initiate contact and respond accordingly.

    If you feel like you want to make one last effort, I would suggest you send him a message asking how he is and that it would be nice to hear back from him so you guys can 'catch up', but after that you need to leave it up to him to make the effort to respond.

    It's hard to know for sure why he hasn't contacted you recently, but just make sure that if this does go any further, the effort is equal on both sides.

    I hope this helps you and good luck with this situation... :o)


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  • Text one more time and tell him that you'd like to see him again. If you get no reply, then he's not that into you (and blind, I must say).

  • Your story is very strange in that I don't understand why his being cold. Maybe he thinks you where cold when you met and he thinks you don't like him !

  • You should just move on. It seems that he's not interested.


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