Is my ex boyfriend dating a rebound girl? she sounds just like me

after we broke up after 7 years he got with this girl right after we broken up. they been together for 6 months now she's 18 and he's 23. I'm above the age of 21. she met his mom in November and quickly moved in with him. they instantly took pictures when they started dating and she posted the pictures on Facebook. he doesn't have any of her anywhere. we still talk and see each other but me and the girl have similar things in common. her birthday is July 11th my birthday July 30th...she even sound like me.. but communication is a dead end because she so he's trying..they just made it Facebook official last month and he hid it from the public so therefore you can only see it on his page...the other day they took many pictures together. he did not like the pictures at all nor tagged hisself in pictures...neither of his family and friends liked the picture or even said it was cute...out of the whole album 3 friends liked the pictures...he make her look completely single on Facebook but he said he's stressed because he not sure how he going to get her out the house.


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  • Sounds like the perfect rebound to me

    You said she's just like you...but he still doesn't seem happy with that says a lot. he probably misses you by the way. 7 years is a lot to throw away.

    Or, don't get overexcited, consider the possibility that he has made up his mind about not getting back with you.. but he is just having a hard time moving on because you know, he had 7 years of you.

    OR, he just wanted you to get jealous and go back to him, and he didn't expect things with this girl to go this far.

    • we talking about getting back together

    • :) Good to hear. I hope you guys do get back together. Lasting 7 Years of being together is something precious.

    • thank u:)

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  • Sounds more like she's getting fired...rebound, yea sounds very much like it, and he's not so into her as she is, so that off the bat just sounds'm not sure what you now want to do, cause you asked if he's dating on a rebound, after seven years, yea sounds like one, and you say he says that he wants to boot there a question you didn't pop in there or was that last bit of information out of context?

    • that was all she running around here making it seem like they gonna get married lol its funny I do nothing but laugh at her when I first heard her I was like this girl sounds like me lol

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    • i didn't understand what you said...well we got together in the month of June what you meaning

    • Depends on the time period of your break up and his new gf

  • She's really a rebound.


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  • Yes she does sound like a rebound. However, we're only hearing one side of the story (yours) and you aren't the one in the relationship. We're only hearing how you INTERPRET what you are seeing. Your interpretation is not necissarily the reality of how those two are together. Your birthdays being close together is a coincidence, nothing more nothing less.

    The only concrete thing you give us to go off of, is that they've been dating for 6 months, and that just last month they changed the FB status to in a relationship. That would be progession toward staying together, not breaking up. I highly doubt he's singing the same tune when he talks to you, as he does when he talks to her.

    6 months is starting to get to the 'end' of what I would consider a true rebound, which would normally only last a couple months before he figured out it wasn't what he wanted and that he probably just got with her out of loneliness.

    A lot of people don't have their relationship status viewable by the public so that in and of itself isn't all that strange. PLUS, whether his family or friends comment on pictures is sort of null and void in this context. All that really matters, is how those two feel about each other. This one could honestly go either way . . . They get to a year, you can definitely toss rebound out the window.

    • We moving together on Tuesday and that don't bother me because he did to keep the drama down

  • honestly,i think he knew her before he broke up with u..sadly,i know a few guys that do won't work because it is so rushed,i hope you don't take him back,he sounds like a douche

  • Yes I agree with the other answerer! Def. sounds like a rebound