Online dating: after how many dates do guys stop checking their online profile?


So I am seeing this guy that I met through a friend. We have gone on 5 dates...all initiated by him except for date 5 (which I initiated). The dates have been fabulous and he has paid for nearly all of them (I have offered - he usually dosen't let me pay). We see each other once a week and things are moving slow (no sex or anything). We sometimes text in between dates (texting is 50:50). On our last date he even mentioned future dates. Anyway, my friend whom I met this guy through has told me that he has an online dating profile and according to my friend the guy has been active online very recently. I was just wondering: at how many dates does a guy usually take down his online profile or stop being active (i.e., logging in)? or do guys usually keep it up and stay active until the girl talks to them about exclusivity?


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  • I've had mine for about 14 days, it's worthless IMO. I wouldn't waste your time even thinking into this one, it's likely that he has it as a "plan b" in case things don't work out with you two. I've sent messages to 20+ people around the site I'm on and only 3-4 have replied, one that was actually interesting while the others... were repulsive to say the least.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Show interest in him by initiating more dates or at least keeping the communication lines hot and steady.

    But really though there is little you can do. If he doesn't feel anything it's just a fact because feelings like that are really random when it comes to new people. It's just a fact of life like taxes - it comes from above and it's nearly impossible for the average person to influence that.

  • I don't think I would. But if I were to, it would be mainly for friends.

    Still, it begs the question. If you two aren't exclusive yet, why?

    And what if all of a sudden, there's more and more dates and there is no relationship.

    Likely, he's looking for other girls to talk to just in case on the chance things don't work out between you and him, he doesn't have to be lonely.

  • It would be about 3 dates for me.

  • It seems that he just want to reconnect to old friends. You should talk to him about this.

    It's clear that he's interested in you.


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