Taking it off texting smoothly

I wanna start going out with a girl. We text everyday, it occasionally gets cute, use of emojis, metaphorically getting married. I really like her, and she pointed it out that she saw me in a place and thought we locked eyes. I really wanna take this off texting, preferably if she makes the first move, because I'm a little unsure if she likes me. Any ideas


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What Girls Said 1

  • Idk she might just be feeling around like figuring out if she likes you or not. If its only texting you never really know. Ask her how she feels about going on a date just something casual like dinner not too fancy but not some where loud you have to be able to talk. And if she's all for it then go for it but don't pressure her take it slow


What Guys Said 1

  • She really does like you. No girl will text you with that heavy flirting if she's not into you.

    Try asking her out to dates.