Why date someone else?

So, I had a huge crush on a guy for about 3 years, I know he liked me because his sister told me. I waited for him to make a move, he doesn't but he did a lot off cute things that showed he did. His sister told me how he felt about me. Yet I find out he started dating ...I don't get it : he likes me but runs off to date someone else?


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  • Maybe he thought you weren't interested in him. Did you tell his sister that you liked him back?

    • I actually did, he blushed but nothing happened after that.

    • Maybe he wasn't ready to date or thought that you weren't. Apart from that possibility, I don't know.

    • Thanks for answering my question.

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  • It's simple, he liked the other girl more. Yes, Men can like more than one girl at a time.

  • Yes, he likes you but it seems that you didn't show much interest that's why he settled with another date.


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