Why does he initiate texts but no more dates?

I went on 5 dates with this guy - 4 were initiated by him and one by me. We have seen each other nearly every week, once a week. The dates have been great with plenty to talk about (we have not had sex -moving kinda slowly). On our last date he mentioned future dates etc. Its been over a week since our last date and he hasen't initiated any dates, yet he continues to text me and ask about my day etc. I asked him if he wanted to hangout last weekend and he said he couldn't but suggested that we do something during the week...so I asked him what day is good for him. He ignored my text but texted me 3 days later asking how my weekend was. I know he's been super busy/stressed planning his dad's birthday and sister's wedding but still...I am wondering if he's interested or just stringing me along...

I am just unsure about how to proceed...I like him but I don't want to focus all my energy on him because I've been very hurt before...at the same time, I don't like dating multiple guys at one time...HELP!


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  • he clearly likes you but you need to understand from a guys point of view planning a date takes a lot of time and energy. we always want to impress you! this guy is clearly busy and just hasn't had the time this week. it really helps if you suggest and plan a date once in a while to save us the constant thinking and leg work.

    • Hey!

      I DID ask him if he wanted to hangout over the weekend and he told me that he was busy but suggested that we see each other during the week. So I asked him what days were good for him (so that I can plan) but he ignored my text. He texted me 3 days later asking how my weekend was...

      Should I ask him again if he wants to hangout this week or leave it up to him?

    • ask him again. if he says he is still busy then ask him to text you when he has some free time


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  • It seems that he's just busy. You should try to text him. He's quite interested in you.

  • He just sounds busy.

    • Should I text him again to see if he wants to hangout this week or leave it up to him?

    • Idk, give him a couple days or so and then text him.

  • It must be that he's just busy or he just doesn't feel like putting up with you anymore.

    • Then why would he keep initiating texts if he didn't wanna put up with my anymore? lol

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  • He's interested.

    He's just busy, that's all.

    Just keep yourself busy, do other things. If you were the last one to text, wait for him to reply.

    If he was the last, just ask how his day is coming along. Then, be like, "Are you sill on for this weekend?"

    BUT if he try to sly his way out, I'd just let it go.