IS my friend trying to date me or something? What does he want?

So I know this guy named Olu from nigeria.. and he is always trying to talk to me... HE will go online and spend 3-4 hours waiting for me to go online so he can talk to me and if I go 3-4 minutes without replying to his messages, he goes offline because he has no one else to talk to... He insists on talking to me every day... but he has nothing important or meaningful to say. I'd say he has no social skills whatsoever. He lives in nIgeria and now he wants my phone number... I think he must have money if he's online for 12-14 hours and can afford the long distance fees of talking over the phone for 2-3 hours, but he spent about 30 hours trying to convince me to give him 120 dollars to pay for his SAT study books so that he could go to MIT this fall... I won't help him... I don't care how "poor" he is. WHy doesn't he go plant and harvest crops like the other "poor" people in nigeria who don't have money to pay for school? Why does he go online all day trying to build "relationships" with strangers he does not know? I thought maybe he wanted to marry me and get canadian citizenship.


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  • I think he's in love with you. Why else would someone from Africa spend hours online? He couldn't possibly want to steal your money, could he?

    No, of course not. He's obviously smitten with your ellipses.

    • IS that sarcasm? I'm asking you if he's using me to get canadian citizenship in a business marriage.

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  • Have you met this guy in person or online? I know you've heard of these Nigerian internet scams right? Listen to your gut feelings, this guy sounds like a total weirdo and it sounds like you are right to be questioning things. He is trying to scam you out of your money and if you ever let it go far enough, he'd probably try to scam you for citizenship too.