What would you do? *GIRLS*

So I went away over the weekend and when I was one my boyfriend seemed off. I didn't think anything of it cause he's prone to mood swings (like a girl PMSing) on Saturday I texted him when I was done my day and all he said was "I'm busy don't text me talk later love you bye" after that text I didn't hear from him until Monday when I asked what the hell. He never said what happened or what he was on (his friends are big drug ppl) but he said he wanted to talk about what happened when we had time but we haven't found time yet.

So my question is... Girls, what would you do? Would you assume that he cheated, was on something or he's just being a d***?

** talked a bit tonight and he told me what he was on... I have no idea what to do now.
He told me that him doing these drugs isn't a big deal and I have to get over it. But he is also VERY close with this random girl from school, when I confronted him about it he told me that I was imagining things and I need to get over it. What do I do?


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  • Been with a guy with mood swings before. Hated it. It's worse than a girl with PMS. In your case, add drugs to that. I'd dump the douche bag with PMS.

    Seriously, there's so many other better guys out there and you look great. Shouldn't be hard to meet someone better.


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  • I'd leave him. The way he responded to you is very sketchy, especially since he never offered an explanation afterward. And the fact that he does drugs isn't a good sign. In my experience, those people are very manipulative and are used to lying to get what they want. Honestly, you deserve better.

  • both, people come off drugs after a few hours, he is hiding something and if you do not do drugs the fact that he does should be a deal breaker

  • leave him,he ain't worth all the drama and heart ache

  • I wouldn't assume anything until you talk to him, so talk to him soon lol. Then you will probably be able to tell if he is lying. Please update us when you find out:)

    • Update: if he is doing drugs...of any kind, he isn't worth it.