Innocent christian online girl had sex no response now :( HELP

Met girl online seemed really keen to meet up, so met up with her. Seemed really nice, had loads of common interests, but seemed like had a bit of hard front up. We went to the beach and she wanted to go there, she wanted to go skinny dipping, but was too cold. We sat on the beach talking about things, She started to soften up and tell me all about her life, turns out she a Christian, and only slept with one person and she hadn't had sex for 8 months and I hadn't had sex for a year.

Before the night was over she said she wanted to see me again! She’s 18 and I’m 21, we started to hit it off, she said that she wanted to see my again, this was our first meeting and we went back to mine. We got into bed and we had sex and that but I wouldn't say she was slut; she wasn’t very experienced at anything. Anyway the whole night went pretty much perfect. Everything was fine in the morning, I dropped her home we kissed and said would see her soon :). I sent her a message later that day saying thanks for the evening etc., but got no reply. I sent her another text later that day saying she had left her mark on me the only reply I was "decent x " I left it till later that evening and sent her a message saying how are you? X she read it and didn’t reply, So then here comes my mistake, I sent some texts that were kind of needy saying that could she be honest with me and if she wanted to use me for sex she could of said.

I’m starting to think she felt a bit used etc. and ashamed, however I haven’t spoke to her for almost a week now and want to talk to her again but I’m not sure what to say and whether it’s possible to rectify this.

She was the one that said we clicked and I thought the same. So I’m a bit confused as to what to do, If you have any queries please feel free to ask and I shall.

I really would like to see/speak to her again. I met up with her on the Friday/Saturday morning. Only way I had of contacting her was through what's app or mobile or dating website.

My friend is also on the website and he started talking to her Tuesday evening and she said she was seeing someone and that was on the Tuesday and that she had only started seeing them very recently. I don’t know if this implying to me or someone else. I don’t want to come across needy, what to do?


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  • Wow... I don't think she's playing games and I wouldn't say she's not innocent. I would very much think that she is feeling increadibly guilty and ashamed, and maybe even a little used. She probably feels like she gave you the wrong impression of herself, and doesn't want to be the girl that she was that night with you. As a Christian whose had sex and felt horribly guilty afterward, I think the better response would have been "We don't have to have sex again if you don't want to, I'm sorry if you fealt pressured, but I really enjoy talking to you and would like to continue to do so."


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  • For a girl who says she wants to go skinny dipping... had sex before and had no problem having sex again, yeah she isn't as innocent as you may think. Sorry... Maybe each time her having sex was a mistake and she felt awful and needs time to herself and to get over that... maybe she isn't over her ex. None of us can answer that.. Only she can... I'd say give her soem space and time. Stop texting her and then maybe in a week or two say hello.. If still no response then I'd say just send her a simple message saying that you have no clue what is going on in her head but you are going to respect her space and how she is being... though you do feel like you deserve some answers because you feel played. If she doesn't wish too then alright, that's okay and you just wish her a ton of happiness and hope that she will find hte right guy and is okay <3 then say goodbye.. if she doesn't respon at all then you gotta move on. :) Sorry but true

  • It is her way of making you feel guilty and getting you to think of her.

    Either that or she feels like she betrayed God and feels guilty so she is avoiding you so she won’t continue having sex.

    Either way she isn’t innocent.

  • she may not be over her ex and having sex with someone new might have confirmed that and upset her.


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  • It seems that she felt guilty for having sex with you, and she's overwhelmed.