What happened? He went from keen to distant?!

Ok so I met a guy. We had a first date. Ended up back at his place watching movies. Nothing happened not even a kiss. I had told him I didn't rush anything but liked to get to know people first. We did hug. I leftin morning without saying bye..this was Sat morn..texted as didn't want to wake him. He was offended and texted saying that and also so I guess I won't beseeing you again. I reassured him his vibe was wrong and I wanted to see him again. He dropped my hat on Sunday. Gave me a peck. After he left he said he was glad we were both still keen. Texted although he said the only wsy he got anytjing outtavme was if he texted first. Made more effort. Last weekend he came to an engagement party with me out of town so he stayed at Mums with me. Again no sex. Sunday arvo after he left texted to say he had fun. Wsnted me to go over. I said no as my daughter was coming back. He texted Mon. I initiated texting Tues. Its Fri and after Tues texts back snd forth heard nothing. His gone interstate for a week for a wedding. He left Weds. I'm confused..he was so keen...


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  • It seems that he has just gotten a little busy, and he was "over loaded" by the wedding he'll be attending. Try to text him again and see what he's up to.

    • Ok I did what you said and he text me straight back :-) I said I hoped he was having a nice time and left it at that. He replied. Then I said "Well enjoy your day, just texted to say hi as I missed your random texts. He then said Jump on a plane and get your butt here. Wish you were here etc...so I am all good now lol...Thank you!

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  • well after you rejected him and didn't go over he probably got mad,but I think you did the right thing because if you had of gone over he might have expected something to happen with u,he may just be interested in sex and you are not putting out so someone else is but its better to find out now than have him string you along.