Why would he talk and act like this?

So this guy I was friends with wanted us to date & take it slow see where it goes I agreed to try. Everything was fine for a few weeks , then he got mad at me & left with his friend we were at a bar. I text him 2 days later he said leave me alone I'm on a date. He stopped by the next day & I told him I didn't want to date him I was not feeling that attraction to him & that he was disrespectful to me. He said "I get it".then starts telling me about his date & how wonderful she is she's so girlie. Pretty much the opposite of me. I just looked at him then he says I don't know where this is gonna go she lives a certain lifestyle & is 9 years younger that scares him ,I wished him luck & he left. Was at a bar for a mutual friends birthday he comes over starts talking then turns to me & says this broad is killing me we've been out late every night , I said so tell her you can't , he says I want to get to know her, I asked why he feels the need to tell me about her he got angry& says you always do this to me you have issues walked away. Can any guy tell me why he would try & throw this girl in my face? We have never talked about people we've dated in the 2yrs we've known each other . & referring her as a broad what does that mean? I've never seen him act or talk like this anybody have an idea?


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  • I don't even know what to say about this guy. He seems like a real piece of work, in my opinion. My advice is to just play nice, but be apathetic about it. Don't worry about his new girl, because she could just be a made up lie to get a reaction out of you. Or just a rebound to make him feel better about himself. Just don't worry about it, this dude seems a bit odd.

  • It seems you've done something that upset him or he discovered something in your past. Either way, he's not worth it.


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