Online dating and men: When do you stop logging into your online profile?

I've been seeing this guy for 2 months - we have gone on 6 dates and they have been fabulous! He has paid for all of them (I have offered) and he initiated all of them except the last 2 I initiated. He even drove an hour away to see me while he was sick on our last date. We are moving slowly and have not had sex yet, and are in our mid 20s. I am really happy with how things are going...we see each other once a week and text every other day (both initiate texts). However, the other day, my friend who is into online dating realized that this guy has an online dating profile that he logged into after our last date...she pointed it out to me.

Now I am confused and affraid that our dates aren't going as well if he keeps checking it...

Guys into online dating: Would you log into your profile if you are happily seeing someone? Or would you continue to log in UNTIL you are exclusive with the person?


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  • Until exclusive


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  • Some would be around 3 dates, but mostly, it would be until we're exclusive.

  • In my experience, when I was seeing a girl I met online, I logged once in a while just to respond messages some girls sent me, just to tell them that I was seeing someone else.

    So maybe he just logged a minute to check something, and the system flagged him as online (Even if he logged for one second, he'd get flagged).


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