Is online dating worth it for guys?

I'm just thinking of giving it a try but I've heard from some of my friends that it's barely worth it for guys because you'll hardly ever get any messages from girls because they're getting hundreds of messages a day.

Could anyone advise me on this? Are my friends right?



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  • I've used online dating for a long time and I will tell you, good luck. I personally know of girls who do get those insane amount of messages.

    Here is my physique link

    I hid my profile and don't use POF anymore and am giving a shot.

    The only girls that would message me were overweight girls who live on the computer all day hoping for somebody to love them. Some would message me more than once but nothing ridiculous. There are overweight girls who get repeated hookup requests too. If you're using free sites and are browsing profiles be prepared to see a bunch of profiles that are one or more of the following

    Rants about guys wanting sex

    Rants are wanting a guy who is not(list of her ex's traits that she hates about him)

    A shopping list of possessions that the girl wants from a guy(things ranging from having his own place to hairstyles and college degrees)

    Misleading photos to hide the girl's actual weight.

    I would get a message... every couple of weeks maybe. If I was interested we'd exchange a few messages maybe and then she'd disappear.

    Before I had a good physique and was trying the free sites I did go on dates. A couple of first dates and landed one relationship with a girl but she was clingy and I had to get rid of her because she had no car.

    If you do start messaging girls be prepared that a lot of them are blaring narcissists. They'll be willing to tell you all about themselves yet never show any interest in you. If she doesn't ask you anything about yourself drop the self-centered waste of space and move on to another girl.


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  • No, it's really not.

    You're better off approaching girls in real life.


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  • 90% of the guys on online dating websites are losers:

    - They're older and or married, messaging young girls

    - They're socially awkward or lack confidence

    - They aren't very intelligent

    - They're douche bags, with pics of their car, dead fish and mirror flexes

    - They're really desperate and it shows

    - They're creepy and they're vulgar

    - They can't hold a conversation

    - Their profiles are boring or near-empty

    - Their messages are boring or cliche

    - Their photos are unflattering or nonexistant

    - They're only on there because they're too nervous to talk to women in real life.

    Okay, what's my point? My point is that if you can get all of those things above in check (it's not hard and it comes with the territory of becoming a better person naturally), you can use this to your advantage.

  • not worth it can see WAY MORE beautiful women just going out day or night.

  • I'm not dating a girl but I've been talking to a girl but it's trough text but we did meet online but we are going to meet. I have friends that met online and dated online and they got married. It does work just as long as you meet each other

  • Yes, they will get lots and lots of messages from guys, and you have to assume you are not the only guys she is dating, and she can be keeping her options open no matter what she says. It makes girls who are average feel and act way hotter than they are. At the same time, if you are half ways decent looking at all you can get laid for sure. Just have to be persistent

  • It's worth it if there are a lot of women from your areas, though if there's just about 15-30, better get back to real life and approach them for real.

  • Been trying it out for a couple of months and honestly not at all. Unless you're an extremely attractive man you're not going to get anything but the bottom of the barrel (I mean the VERY bottom). I'm an above average looking guy, extremely smart, friendly, I'll stop before I sound arrogant which I'm really not. Point is I've been around long enough to know how high my reach is when it comes to the quality of women that I can land and it's up there. I'll message a TON of girls and I won't even get a response back, and these are girls that I know are below my league, it's really frustrating. Almost all girls that are on there have such an inflated sense of self-worth that it's just plain ridiculous. First of all there are like 10 guys for every girl and it's almost exclusively guys that message first. If a girl is even average she'll get a couple of messages a day. If she's attractive, forget it. I have a very attractive female friend whom joined a dating site and on the first day she had received just over 100 messages, yea I couldn't believe it until I saw it myself. So unless you look like you just stepped off the red carpet, it's really not worth it.

  • Definitely not worth it

  • Your friends are right. In fact, there have been experiments done to prove this.

    Unless you literally look like a model, online dating isn't worth it for you as a guy. You're competing against all the usual confident guys plus all the shy guys who are trying online dating instead of approaching girls in real life.

    I honestly think you are more likely to be successful approaching a hot girl in real life than messaging an ugly girl online. If I remember correctly, the experiment I read about showed that even an ugly girl would get more messages than a hot guy!

    Even if you use free dating sites, you are of course wasting valuable time and energy.

    • Also by attempting online dating, you'll come across as having a confidence handicap from the very beginning, which will make you less attractive than you would be in real life. It may not be fair, but it's life.