Should I text this girl

I've been dating this girl for about a month now. She stopped texting me a couple days ago & when I asked why, she said that she's under a lot of stress. I told her it was okay & that I'd give her her space. Yesterday, she drunk texts me just wanting to talk so I'm thinking she still thinks about me. Should I text her or let it go?


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  • its a drunk r=text so let it go for now..let her reach out when she is sober, drunk people aren't stressed,she said she was stressed so pay attention to what she says when she is sober.

    • As much as it're right.

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    • Thanks :)

      We really hit it off over the month we were together. Just a few days before she stopped tallying to me, she was talking about how great I am & how much she likes me. Hopefully, things turn out well.

    • if you made an impression on her she will be back


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  • its OK to text her "hello" or "how is it going?" you got to still show your presence cause if she met someone new .. the feeling in there is gone!


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  • You really should text her. She's just stress and she just doesn't want to be involve something serious which could put more strain into her already strained mind.