Ladies, would you ever date a fat guy?

Would you date a fat guy? How does a fat guy have a chance with ladies when all girls admit there has to be a physical attraction?


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  • Sure. To me personality is top priority. I mean I would hope that he wasn't like super morbidly obese because I like to have a somewhat active lifestyle. If he was a great guy and someone I really clicked with, then yea.

    • I am sorta active for a big guy, I like to play a lot of road hockey.


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  • No, but what's wrong with fat guys that they're not going after fat chicks?

  • Well I'm fat so I can't really talk lol. jk a fat guy can be attractive, weight doesn't automatically make you unattractive.its how you carry yourself and generally look. fat are we talking? because not many people find super obese people attractive no offense or anything

    • I'm not super obese, but I could definitely stand to lose a lot of weight... that's my goal for the summer now that school is almost over...

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