How to get him to get over it and leave me alone?

So there's this guy I work with who I liked for a while, he liked me too, we started texting each other,his friends all thought I was really hot, so even though I told him not to tell anyone that we were texting (I didn't want anyone knowing until we knew each other a bit better and stuff as gossip can get crazy lol) he went and bragged to all his friends that I liked him and we were texting.

During our texting I realized that he only wanted casual sex, and wasn't very nice so I told him to stop texting me. He flipped out. The next day at work and every day after he began stalking, intimidating and being extremely nasty to me. He had had to tell his friends that I didn't like him anymore and he was very angry.

I got really down as I thought the bullying from him was my fault. I felt bad for hurting his feelings by telling him not to text. I became very very down. I didn't tell anyone it was happening (he'd do it when no one was around) and I cried a lot and was a wreck.

I had to have time off work because I felt so terrible. When I came back I avoided him as much as possible.

Now it's one year later and he has a girlfriend and asked her to marry him. I thought he'd finally be over me. But he's not. He is now still trying to stalk and intimidate me. He stares at me whenever I'm around him, his eyes are glued to me. He waits outside when he knows I'll be coming out. I'm so sick of this I truly am. I don't know what to do anymore. I am so scared of him. Will he ever get over it?


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  • You just need to change shifts, quit your job, or you can scream at him, yell and ridicule him in a nice way.

    • Yeah I've been thinking about quitting, will probably do that


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  • Leave shift, hell leave ya alone unless He's truly lost it mentally


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  • Chances are, he won't get over it while seeing you every day at work. If you were completely.out ofnhis life, he MAY start moving on. But he's probably going to remain fixated as long as you're there to remind him all the time (and I mean because he can see you, not that you're doing anything).