This guy is confusing me, I don't get where this is going?

I've known this guy for 2 months, we work together and we've went out with friends a few times. After the last time he told them he wished I was single. While we were both still seeing people, we ended up hooking up one night. It started out as holding hands until he leaned over and kissed me. We made out for an hour before I told him I couldn't have sex with him-not yet. He totally respected my decision and a few weeks went by of us getting to know each other better. We still kissed-alot. We talked about our families, friends, and everything about life. Then we started texitng and calling. One night I was cold, and he put his jacket around me without even asking. He went above and beyond to fix a tail light for me. I finally broke down and we started to have sex in his truck and we were in the middle of it until he just stopped and said he didn't want to do it like this that he wanted to take his time with me. So we stopped and we haven't done it since but we have still kissed and done other things. Yesterday he wasn't feeling good and we cuddled on the couch for over an hour while he played with my hair. He went home and told me come here baby and gave me a kiss. I definitley have feelings for him and I get the feeling he does too, but he told my friends that he only gets with girls for sex and when they start getting clingy he is done with them. He also told her I wasn't his usual type and when I asked him why he was interested in me he said because I was a good kisser and totally changed the subject. I don't want to ask him because I'm afraid it will scare him off. I just want to know that he cares about me and at least values me and whatever type of relationship this is. Any advice?


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  • well if his reason why he is into you is cause your a good kisser, then that's a red flag. And you can't believe what your friends say really. They arnt in his shoes they haven't dated him so who knows really what type of guy he is. Guys in the first 3 month mark are most of the times sweet and likable but by the 6 month mark their true colors tend to come out. Do not be scared to ask him is this something more or are we just having fun..say it like that so he doesn't feel cornered and think your getting crazy. Because if you add in "or are we just having fun"? that implies to him that maybe that's what you want or your OK with that when really your not but the point is to get your answer if he says yea we are havin fun then you know that he isn't serious about you and then you can make the decision if you want to continue things with him. But if he say no I want more then yay good for you! If he doesn't answer and ask you is this just fun for you tell him I asked first in a jkin way are we just havin fun to get it out of him and then or do you want more, and make sure when you say that you make eye contact.

    • My friends didn't say that about him he actually told them that sutff.

    • oh well in that case it was something that he probably wanted to tell you but was to scared so he told your friends knowing that they would tell you.


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  • Hate to say this but you won't become his girlfriend and is probably just using you. Answer mine please

  • This relationship is quite a friends with benefits. You should really stop seeing him because he just like hooking up with you with no intentions of moving it.


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  • do you still have a bf? if you do this is all wrong and it won't work out.Cheating is wrong on every level

    • We're both single now.

    • were you single when you two kissed ? sometimes being w someone you can't have or is off limits is more exciting to some and now that its not a challenge he may not be interested.who knows with men anymore.