So he says he likes me but is afraid to date me Should I leave him alone? I also don't want to annoy him! Help

Also I'm afraid to text or call him cause I'm afraid ill seem annoying... When would be a good time to just call him up to talk? Like I wanna call him and tell him that I almost broke my leg today but I'm afraid ill call at a bad time and he'll get annoyed with me. My best friend won't talk to me till I call him so I wanna know when I should, if ever? I really like him and wanna be able to talk to him but my friend has called him 3 times and it seem like he's ignoring her... Just I need so real honest help from guys and girls. Please? Thanks!

Thanks everybody who answered so soon! Everything's OK now. He called me and told me that everything is OK and to call whenever I want.


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  • Just call him and be honest about how you feel. He might accept you or reject you but that is a part of life. If you don't try you'll never know.


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  • You need to move on now. Your dream relationship with this person isn't moving at all.

    • He told me today that he likes me and to call whenever I want! So my fear was irrational. Thanks anyway.

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  • u should not feel like you are bothering him especially if you two are supposed to be friends...just call him, if he doesn't answer wait for his call back.

  • why is he afraid to date you? that's kind of a significant piece of the puzzle.

    if he's scared or ashamed of his feelings hell be annoyed with himself and try to ignore his feelings, and be very hard on himself... so anything you do will irritate him--but its got nothing to do with what you're actually doing. just his defenses. .

    you should find out why he's scared.

    • He says his mom won't let him but he asked me first! I don't get it...

      But thanks everyone for being so dang helpful! It's all good now I think..