Is an ugly guy whos never dated or even had a female friend pathetic ?

not even hugged a girl , had a girl (who doesn't work in customer service) smile at him ?

@ixi10 I'm not shy , I try to talk to them


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  • If you base your entire self worth on your success with women and get rejected, you're obviously going to feel like a piece of crap. You say you don't believe in self esteem, but that doesn't make it go away. You've got to work on yours before you start seeing success with the opposite gender.

    I'd suggest taking a break from girls... not even thinking about them. Focus on self improvement. You think you're ugly? Hit the reset button and get a makeover (haircut, a change in style, hitting the gym, etc...). These little things could add up and make a difference. At the very least, you'd improve your self image a little bit.

    You say that because you can't attract girls, you're a "nobody". If that's the way you feel, it's not surprising that girls don't want to date you. From their perspective, you've got something to take (sense of self worth, happiness, etc...), but not much to give. Focus on acquiring these things and becoming a "somebody" without women. Focus on becoming a more well-rounded person. Then, you'll have a lot more to give, and you should see more success with the opposite gender.

    • no hairstyle works on me so I stick with short . I've been going to the gym for a long time . Everything in my life is going good except that women hate me


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  • No, it's not pathetic. But you're self esteem is really low, you should defenitly work on that. If you have to go on a public form to seek validation for whether or not you are pathetic, you have a lot of inner healing that needs to occur.

    • i don't believe in self esteem , or confidence , but there was a time where I thought I meant something and I was worth more . But the fact that women hate me showed me I'm wrong

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    • what are you talking about ? I mean one answer here has a girl assuming I'm shy . Girls are disgusted to look at me

    • It seems like you just want to fight, like you're angry for your situation & want to blame girls rather then taking inventory of what you can do to make yourself happier. It's your life. You only have one life. Make the most of it, that's all I can say.

  • not pathetic. probably just girl shy and there's nothing pathetic about that

  • Hang out with ugly girls they will think nothing of it.

  • No some people just don't want to be around the opposite gender.

    • but I want to be around them

  • got to make a new plan dude


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  • It's not pathetic at all. After all, it's your personality that matters the most, and not your past dating experiences.

    • how can I change that