Was it a casual date or is he interested?

Ok, so I joined an online dating site and I went out with somebody from the site this past weekend. we had a good time but when it was time for us to part ways he didn't go for a hug or kiss or anything ( he told me he was a little shy with girls). he texted me the next day asking if I'd like to go out again and I said yes. The site that we met on always lets you know if a user is online and I was online checking my messages and I guess he saw that and messaged me through the site ( he has my#) and made a comment about how bad the other girls profiles were and I joked back about tge men on there. Well about an hour later he texted to my cell and asked if I talked to any nice guys but I guess my question is is he actually interested on if I was talking to other men and treating us a casual dating or was he in to me digging around to see if I was into someone else


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  • He's actually interested. He actually gets jealous that you might be talking to some other guys.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he wasn't interested in you, he wouldn't care if you are talking to other men.