Why don't guys text or talk to you after you hangout?

I hung out with this guy that I really liked yesterday and he finally told me that he really likes me like a lot and now he's calling me babe and baby and saying that I'm all his. We did some sexual stuff then he never texted me back or messaged me back. I haven't tried contacting him since yesterday. But I want to know why he does this and all guys do this? Should I tell him that I want a relationship or would he run away?


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  • best advice is to wait for him to call...even if he never calls.

    if you start calling him, he'll think that he's got you in the palm of his hand. play it cool and he'll start wondering why you aren't calling him. if he pisses you off later on, talks sh#t, or says something about you not calling...you should just say that he just wasn't that good.



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  • By "some sexual stuff" do you mean "sex"?

    • No we did not have sex.

  • I think you should be more selective of who you mess around with. A relationship should never be a mind game.

    • We have been on and off all year and when I said sexual stuff I didn't mean sex

  • Dont have sex so soon on the first date.

    Make him call you baby and anticipate him so he won't lie about you being all his.

  • You really should tell him that you want something more out of this sexual relationship.

    • He had actually told me that about a month ago instead of me telling him.

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