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What to do when a girl ignores your text and phone calls?

I need brutal honesty from the girls on here, and in order to get that I think I need to get into some specific details. Two weeks ago, I met a girl... Show More

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  • Okay hun I'm going to be straight up honest with you. You may be coming off too strong. Remember you met this girl at a club so at this point to her you're nothing serious. Men have a hard time figuring us out but it's easy to sum it up by saying we do everything to have fun because we can and have the power/ability to. Women love being pursued but if we're not that into you we won't respond. Men tend to find mysterious women attractive because we keep them on their toes same thing goes for women with men. Keep her guessing and not just thinking of you as a booty call or a fish on her hook. These are things possibly going through her mind at the moment: a) you may or may not have been a good lay b) you may come off as easy c) she could be busy d) she's not that into you or e)she really knows how to play the game and knows the right things to say to keep you wanting more. Personally I think you sound like a passionate guy which is a VERY good trait to have as long as you meet a descent girl at a descent location. Club girls do these things all the time I'd just move on your situation sounds like a, b, d, and e unfortunately. Sorry, but I hope I helped! :S best of luck you probably deserve better... -Sarah

What Girls Said 21

  • You stop and move on. Her not answering means she doen't want to talk to you. Leave it alone.

    You had a one night stand.

    Anyone you have sex with immediately doesn't see a future with you! Keep this in mind.

  • its too soon to tell ,it could be a number of things, a) she's a player

    b) she s married

    c)she could be in the hospital

    in other words ,it could be anything but I wouldn't think she forgot about u,wait it out

  • You need to move on. She was with you only for some fun. She used you now she doesn't need you anymore 'cause she probably found someone better. Don't waste your time thinking of her.

  • You hit it off with a girl really quickly at a club. First mistake. You guys got extremely intimate quickly without knowing each other well, the same night you guys met. Second mistake. You guys hung out downtown literally the next day. Third mistake.

    What I'm trying to say is that it's not your fault, it's her fault. Clearly if she is willing to get intimate with you very quickly, all she was really interested in was a fling, something fun, quick, and brief. IF she's ignoring your texts and phone calls, she either got bored of you at this point or found someone more interesting.

    NEVER expect a relationship from a girl who puts out quickly. I would forget about this girl and move on before you develop more feelings. She "begged" you to message her because she was bored and looking for something fun. Clearly, she has experience with playing around with guys. This is the truth. If you want a relationship, don't be with a girl who puts out quickly. It's not your fault, it's the girl's fault.

  • Awww,you're so cute.

    I think that sucks, but I agree it's odd that she made a point of asking when you will text her and then ignore your text (if that is what she is doing).

    Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens all the time and I would like to know why too. Hopefully she is just busy or broke her phone. If she's playing games or has something else going on, then you would be better off moving on.

    Either way, I don't think you should text her again, if she didn't get your last five, then why would she get this one?

  • She probably has a Boyfriend and was on a short break? Back off and see if she responds.. if not reach out in a month but that's it.

  • Human behavior sucks sometimes. I'd say move on. I try to think, if they are really interested they will take initiative. Takes two to tango.

  • She might of hit it off with someone better?

    Normally its text once, no reply, text twice, still no reply, call, no answer. Give up & let her ring you, considering she's still interested. That's normally how this game works :/

  • Don't message her again!

    You don't want to look desperate.

    She could be trying to drive you nuts.

    Stop showing interest.

    She'll text you if she wants to talk.

  • Yes, you should move on. She's not interested anymore. I think it was most likely a one-night-stand, so you should probably stop calling her and un-add her on Facebook. At this point you've made the effort and you have done your part, so the rest is on her. Don't take it personally, some girls are just like that unfortunately. If she wants to call you back, she will...trust me.

  • Sorry, but if a girl is interested, she WILL text you back. Move on. She's not worth it.

  • Ignore hers... most likely you are a bugga boo, but she will miss those calls... move on and find someone else to trouble...lol! STOP BUGGING HER!

  • than you ignore her , simple ! Don't spendt your time on someone who doesn't spend theirs on you

  • She was just having fun for the night

  • She's not interested. Don't contact her anymore

  • If someone is interested in you they will show it and they would make sure to contact u.

    I am sorry you got hurt or hooked, but I think you should move on. Delete her number and move on with your life. Cause she probably feels bad for sleeping with you so fast and girls like to have a serious relationship with someone who they haven't made a mistake sleeping with a guy too fast.

  • She doesn't like you leave her alone. It's not a shy thing or a thing that she wants you to keep chasing.

  • Leave her alone.

    It seems to me that everything seemed to happen very quickly and that doesn't seem too good. Maybe this is the type of things that this girl does often. I say just leave her alone and if she really wants to talk to you, she'll come to u. Remember, she has your number and your Facebook.

  • Yes you should try and move on. Don't get hung up on someone that sounds like they used you as a rebound to someone else. And once the deed was done she realized she didn't have the same feelings for you as she did for the one she's trying to get over. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time with her. She wasn't ready for a guy like you to come along just yet.

  • She could possibly not have her phone or something. Maybe she lost it. Try going to see her in person! If she rejects then move on

What Guys Said 2

  • If it's been this long already then forget it...you guys had sex the 2nd time you saw each other lol, use your head bud, she doesn't take "relationships" with guys seriously.

  • It's quite clear that she doesn't want to do anything with you again. You should just move on.

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