What to do when a girl ignores your text and phone calls?

I need brutal honesty from the girls on here, and in order to get that I think I need to get into some specific details. Two weeks ago, I met a girl at a club and we hit it off. We talked the whole night and went out to eat right after. We were out until 6am that night. Next day she texts me and... Show More

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  • Okay hun I'm going to be straight up honest with you. You may be coming off too strong. Remember you met this girl at a club so at this point to her you're nothing serious. Men have a hard time figuring us out but it's easy to sum it up by saying we do everything to have fun because we can and have the power/ability to. Women love being pursued but if we're not that into you we won't respond. Men tend to find mysterious women attractive because we keep them on their toes same thing goes for women with men. Keep her guessing and not just thinking of you as a booty call or a fish on her hook. These are things possibly going through her mind at the moment: a) you may or may not have been a good lay b) you may come off as easy c) she could be busy d) she's not that into you or e)she really knows how to play the game and knows the right things to say to keep you wanting more. Personally I think you sound like a passionate guy which is a VERY good trait to have as long as you meet a descent girl at a descent location. Club girls do these things all the time I'd just move on your situation sounds like a, b, d, and e unfortunately. Sorry, but I hope I helped! :S best of luck you probably deserve better... -Sarah