After our date last Friday he just disappeared. What is that suppose to mean?

I recently met a nice man. We went out twice, he seemed super interested, we texted non stop, we became friends on FB. But after our date last Friday he just disappeared. Last text I sent him on Friday night and he didn't reply. I decided to not disturb him.

What do you think is going on with him? After all compliments and great conversations he just got all quiet and don't text me at all. I must say that I was the first who texted him in the mornings, he always replied immediately, but never texted first. He is a matured man, not a shy boy, very positive and open.


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  • It seems that he lose interest. It's time to move on now.

    • I don't get connected that soon. I know he lost interest due to some reasons. I guess he was just looking for someone to hook up


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  • He's just not interested. I'd recommend not texting him. If he doesn't text you again it's confirmed that he's not interested. If he does text you, he's interested. However when he texts you, wait. Don't respond immediately. And when you finally respond tell a little white lie that you were busy with friends. The key here is he needs to text you. Stop texting him. You'll turn him away by seeming clingy.

    • I perfectly understand you point. I was never even close to be clingy. It's a little bit weird, because he seemed very interested, he didn't play, maybe he counted on having more fun that I was ready to have lol if so then I won't hear from him anymore.

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  • he is married or living w someone

    • Well, we spent 2 evenings together and nobody called him. Of course, I suspect that he was seeing someone already, and he could just say he was going to see a friend. I meet liars every day, I try to not waste my time trying to figure out what do they have on their mind.

    • yeah I hear u,even married men can spend the night away without getting phonecalls,they are slick that way