What was your first date like?

What was your first date like? Where did you go? How did it end? What did something a guy did or didn't do effect you?What could they have done better? Also what is a good idea for a first date?

First date of any relationship.


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  • Well it was a true love story. We met at recess, in the sand box and she was very impressed at how big my sand castle was. I said that it could be her castle too if she wanted it to be and she agreed. I wrote her a note and passed it along a few people before it reached her and I told her I would ride my bike down to her house to get her after school and she could ride on the pegs on the way to my house. I decked out my tree fort with all the proper pimp stuff in order to seal the deal. We sat down on the chairs and talked about what we wanted Santa to bring us in the winter and how we each did on the multiplication tables test in math class. The I asked her if she wanted to play truth or dare and WE KISSED! Boom. Mack Daddy. Big pimpin'.


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  • First date ever? Mine was actually just a simple walk around my town with her, We live next to each other so it was on the way. It end after probably the worlds longest hug goodbye at the end of the drive way. I don't think it could've been much better, bonding and closeness wise.

  • She was perfect. She's beautiful and had her hair straightened out.

    We went to a restaurant and ended it with a kiss.