Have you ever end up dating someone that you didn't like when you first met?

If so, how was it? Did the relationship lasted for too long?


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  • hahaha. my man and I have been together for about 5 months. talk every single day (whenever he's free from work) and see each other pretty much all weekends (his days off). we click extremely well. have many common interests, and have a lot of fun just going out and chillin. this is by far the most functional relationship I've ever had, and I've had many..

    with that being said. how did we meet? we played the same video game online. we f***ing hated each other. we talked sh*t to each other (playfully, but we were like enemies lol). and then one day we didn't recognize who each other were, so there was no sh*t talk, and we had fun. befriended each other, only to find out that we initially didn't like each other. he lived in my area and after conversating for about a month or two we were like hey lets go out some time.

    but it all depends on why you didn't like them at the start. or what you thought about them, to not like them.

    things might change as you get to know a person. first impressions are not always accurate


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  • No, that didn't ever happen to me. I know that I would date this person when we first meet.


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  • Nope. Every guy I've dated so far, I liked when I first met them.

  • yeah. we lasted a few months. but I just didn't see a future between us.

  • Yes; I didn't particularly like my boyfriend when I first met him. I thought he was a cocky douche bag and he thought I was a snotty bitch lol. Lo and behold we became friends anyway, and 3 years later we're together.

    My mom said the same about my dad...she didn't like him at all when they first met. She thought he was full of himself. They were married for almost 30 years.