Liking girls slightly older than myself?

I'm 22 and I get frustrated by immaturity in the girls I have dated previously who are around my age. I was looking for an intelligent, compassionate, loyal, ambitious and caring girl, but I just couldn't find anyone like that. As a result, lately, I've been attracted to girls in the 24-26 age group.

Girls: would you date a guy slightly younger than you? Do you have similar issues with guys? Guys dating girls older than them has historically been frowned upon, while the inverse has not. What do you guys think about this?


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  • i wouldn't date younger. in the long run a few years like maybe less than 3 isn't a big deal. but I am only 21. guys my age, and even a few years up like 1-2 years older are often quite immature still :/ I tend to be attracted to men in the late 20s/early 30s range. my favorite is early 30s. so sexy, feel more of a connection. but it is also a double edged sword because I worry they will not view me as serious date material! it's weird because guys say they like younger women, but then they may also not see you as girlfriend material.


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  • I do like a toyboy yes.


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  • There's really nothing wrong about dating girls older than you. It's not frowned upon, but it's just commonly seen as weird.