How do you prevent yourself from being clingy?

Sometimes I just can't help it, when I text or message a guy I get all anxious when they haven't messaged me back.

How can I prevent myself from becoming this way?


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  • You could always try to put some rules for yourself.

    For instance, when you're anxious about the lack of answers :

    There could be so many reasons for not answering right away ! If you don't really know the guy, you have to try to see the texting habits he has. Is he always hanging on his phones, texting others ? If so, there's no need to push further for answers. He definitively saw your text, but for some reason he doesn't want or he can't answer right away. If he never checks his phone, never remember to charge it, you just have to wait.

    Either way, once you know his usual texting habits, you'll be able to realize if there's a sudden switch. If he used to answer right away, but hasn't answered for quite a while without any explanation, then you can give him some space. Eventually, after a few days without answers, a simple "is everything alright ?" text doesn't seem too pushy to me. He could be busy working through a rough week after all.

    If you're worried he hasn't received your text at all, check your phone parameters and ask for acknowledgement of receipts.

    That's just for the texting example, but you see what I mean.

    You have to pinpoint the situations where the clingy part shows itself, and be rational about those situations. Draw some guidelines when you're not feeling anxious/clingy, so that you can follow them once you start being anxious/clingy without stressing out and come out as a clingy woman.

    Hope this helps :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's in your personality to want to talk to the person you like... So I don't know how easy it is to change. Personally I'd prefer it if someone messaged me back right away as opposed to waiting several hours each time. You could always try just waiting a while before messaging and let them start the conversation if possible.

  • You should just learn to trust and give space to your significant other.


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  • How about instead of texting and waiting for a reply text...

    you don't text him first. Wait for him to text you. When you get the urge to text him, you can look at your phone, but don't unlock it. If he's interest in you, he will text you.

  • Find something to occupy your time, and mind. That way you don't necessarily notice that he doesn't reply instantly. And you aren't just sitting around waiting for him to reply.

    Keep yourself busy why hobbies, or movies and music, other friends, etc.